2007 Sport Trac Limited


This is my new 2007 Sport Trac Limited. I had my 2007 Ranger, but when my wife said she was pregnant, I knew I had to do something different since the Ranger would not hold a car seat, etc, and still be comfortable. So, the Ranger was traded in and I came home with the Sport Trac. It was a choice between the Sport Trac and an F250; and after a few weeks of thinking it over, the Sport Trac won. I just couldn't justify the cost of the F250, even though that is what I would really like to have gotten. Maybe one day...

2007 Sport Trac Limited
4.6 V8 3V with 6-speed Automatic 4x4
Leather Interior
Dual Climate Controls
Heated Seats
Heated Windshield


As far as mods, I've had the windows tinted and have updgraded the stereo. You can see the stereo pieces on the Audio Page. I sold the OEM bed cover and bought an Undercover cover - much better. I also bought a Zabteck Modified Throttle Body and a Magnaflow Catback Exhaust Kit. The only other mods right now have been 2 toggle switches installed for the rear cab light and a trailer 'thank you' switch; and the other has been to fiberglass in my garage door opener in the ceiling console. I'm not big on seeing an opener hanging on a visor.

I am also going to purchase some of the pieces from the Sport Trac Adrenalin model. With those pieces installed and having the roof racks removed, the ST will look much better and closer to my 'style'.

I've got a few pics of the ST, but need to get some better ones to put on the site.