The Story Behind the 'Cobra' Explorer


Everyone always asked me, "Why a 'Cobra' Explorer?" I have always wanted my rides to be different and unique.

No matter if it was my vehicles, jet skis, boats, or motorcycles - I did not want them to be like everyone else's. I

have always admired the vehicles of the SVT Department of Ford Motor Company, and wanted to build something of

equal strength on my own.


I was able to get in touch with the SVT Department and talk to managers, engineers, and designers. I asked if they

were ever going to release a SVT SUV like the Explorer. They said they doubted they would because of issues in

safety and with general interests by the consumer. I decided I would build a Cobra Explorer myself, and build it like

the SVT Department would if they ever were to produce an SUV. I again talked to engineers and designers at SVT

about certain aspects that would make this project seem plausible. They were very helpful with ideas and products

they would suggest using. They were also very helpful with general information about SVT and their vehicles.


I did not want this to be some 'stick-on emblems' project and be compared to the 'Type R' group in the import

realm, and I believe I have accomplished that. Most people I come in contact with are very positive, respectful, and

enjoy seeing my work. Even though this is 'my' project and others opinions do not bother me, it is always nice to

see the positive feedback I get for my ride...