Friend's Pages



Ted Suplee's (TAS) 1998 Explorer

One of the cleanest modified Explorers you will see anywhere.


Matt Jackson's (Stillaford) 1996 Explorer

Matt has a great Explorer with a wild paintjob - and he is still not done.


Allie's (explorerchic) 200 Explorer Sport

Allie is my 'little sister'. She has made one hell of a Sport.


Matt Geirling's (Black Magic) 2001 Explorer 'Street' Sport

You want a clean modified Explorer? Look no further...


Tom McCormack's (Tommy98016) 1998 Saleen Explorer

I don't know of another person anywhere that keeps their rides in pristine condition as Tom.


Jerry Magdaleno's (Havoc911) 1996 Explorer

Again - one of the cleanest and most modded Explorers out there...