3 Gauge Pod Pillar

No one makes a 3 gauge pod for Explorers (or Rangers - same thing). I molded a 2 gauge pod, but needed a place for a third. I bought another pillar, another 2 gauge pod, and a single gauge pod. The pictures below are of the work I did to make a 3 gauge pod. It was my first time at working with fiberglass and plastic. Apparently, they don't do well together. After molding it a few times (and screwing up a few times), I finally got it right. After primering it, I used PlastiCoat Wrinkle paint to give it a textured look. That didn't look right, so I repainted it with Rustoleum Hammered paint. That did better, but I still need to redo it to give it a little more texture. Lastly, I sprayed it the same color as the interior to match.


The gauges are Autometer Phantom Series. Boost, Fuel Pressure, and Transmission Temperature.





The finished product: