Pictures of the Suspension, Braking, and Wheels


I have lowered the Explorer roughly 2.75". I went as low as the torsion bars would go and use Steeda blocks in the back. It really helped bring the center of gravity down. I have also installed the Explorer Express sway bars front and rear. They made a huge difference and really helped the body roll.


I am running Bilstein shocks on the front and Gabriel adjustable air shocks on the rear. I used the air shocks for quite a while as I was pulling a trailer, jet skis, and a boat behind the Explorer for a while. Now that the Explorer is just a toy and the Sport Trac is pulling everything, I'm going to chane the Gabriels out for Bilsteins. Bilsteins are the only way to go in my opinion.


I am running 2000 Cobra R 18x9.5" wheels and Hankook RH06 rubber in 255/55/18. They have done a great job so far.