Stereo Diagram

Pictures of the Sound System


I have the PMD-B200 Blackbird Navigation and Sirius Satellite Radio in the Sport Trac. I will be adding the PMD-DOK2 so the Blackbird will be able to be used in both the Explorer and the Sport Trac. As soon as Directed Electronics releases the universal docking station for Sirius controllers, I will add one to the Explorer and replace the SC-C1 tuner in the Sport Trac so I can have Sirius Radio in both vehicles also.


Future plans include:

Alpine PXA-H701 Sound Processor

Alpine TME-M710 Monitors in each headrest

I also plan on changing the MRV-F345 for a MRV-F545 and the MRD-M605 for a MRD-M1005 (or comparable models).